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In this blog post, we’ll delve into a practical example that showcases the prowess of Snowpark by processing customer invoice data from a CSV file and handling credit card details from a JSON source. For instance, Consider a scenario where an organization needs to streamline the processing of customer invoice data and credit card details. The data, originating from different formats and sources, requires consolidation into Snowflake tables for comprehensive analysis. Therefore, Snowpark, with its capabilities in simplifying complex data workflows, becomes instrumental in achieving this objective.

The journey begins with customer invoice data stored in a CSV file. Leveraging Snowpark’s functionalities, the data will read and transform seamlessly. The structured schema defines using the StructType class, allowing for a clear definition of each column. Snowpark facilitates a smooth transition from transform data to Snowflake tables. The copy_into_table function allows for the efficient loading of the process customer invoice data into a Snowflake table name “CUST_INVC_TABLE.” Target columns are specified to ensure precision in the data migration process. Importantly, any errors encounter during this process are gracefully manage with the on_error parameter set to “CONTINUE,” ensuring normal data flow.

Process JSON:

The next challenge involves processing credit card details from a JSON source. Snowpark’s flexibility extends to handling JSON data effortlessly. The credit card details are read from a JSON file, and selective columns are extracted using the select_expr function. Renaming these columns for clarity is achieved through the as_ aliasing functionality, enhancing the readability of the subsequent data processing steps. The process credit card details are avalaible into a Snowflake table, “CARD_JSON_DATA,” offering a centralized repository for further analysis and reporting.

Snowpark Code


Table in Snowflake

However, In this practical use case, we witness the seamless integration of Snowpark into the data processing workflow. By efficiently handling diverse data formats from CSV and JSON sources, Snowpark demonstrates its capabilities in simplifying complex tasks.

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