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Cloudyard is being designed to help the people in exploring the advantages of Snowflake which is gaining momentum as a top cloud data warehousing solution.

Site provides professionals, with comprehensive and timely updated information in an efficient and technical fashion. From basic to Advanced concepts along with the realtime scenario,Weaves the SnowSql, jq parser,Snowflake-Python connector,propositional logic all at one place in order to unveil nuances of realtime flavour and experiences with Snowflake Cloud. Read More

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Unleash the Power of SCD2 with Finalizer Tasks

This blog post showcases a real-time data pipeline built in Snowflake that leverages Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD 2) and Finalizer Tasks to ensure your customer data is always fresh, accurate, and reflects historical changes. Imagine you have a system that continuously generates customer data, including customer number, status, balance, invoice […]

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Automating Warehouse Usage Reports in Snowflake

Efficient management of Snowflake resources is crucial for optimizing performance and cost. One of the key aspects is monitoring warehouse usage. In this blog post, we’ll explore a use case where we automate the reporting of warehouse usage and send detailed weekly summaries via email. Our Organization is a data-driven organization […]

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Sales Insights: Snowflake & Streamlit Dashboard

Imagine a sales team at a fast-growing software company. They rely on a robust understanding of sales performance across different regions and product lines to make informed decisions and optimize sales strategies. The primary objective of this use case is to develop an interactive sales data dashboard that allows business […]

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Automating Business Day-Specific Tasks with Snowflake

In today’s dynamic environment, automating business day-specific tasks is crucial for aligning with operational workflows and regulatory requirements. The Snowflake Data Cloud offers powerful tools and capabilities to streamline such processes, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Imagine you manage a data pipeline in Snowflake that involves various tasks, including data ingestion, […]

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Use Case for Loading Daily Feeds into Snowflake

In modern data-driven environments, it’s common to receive daily data feeds from various sources. These files need to be ingested into a data warehouse like Snowflake for further processing and analysis. Automating this process ensures data is consistently and reliably loaded without manual intervention. Suppose you are a data engineer […]

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Tasks Failure Recovery in Snowflake with RETRY LAST

RETRY LAST: In modern data workflows, tasks are often interdependent, forming complex task chains. Ensuring the reliability and resilience of these workflows is critical, especially when dealing with production data pipelines. Imagine you’re tasked with managing a critical data pipeline in Snowflake that processes and transforms large datasets. This pipeline […]

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