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Cloudyard is being designed to help the people in exploring the advantages of Snowflake which is gaining momentum as a top cloud data warehousing solution.

Site provides professionals, with comprehensive and timely updated information in an efficient and technical fashion. From basic to Advanced concepts along with the realtime scenario,Weaves the SnowSql, jq parser,Snowflake-Python connector,propositional logic all at one place in order to unveil nuances of realtime flavour and experiences with Snowflake Cloud. Read More

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Snowflake: Virtual Column in Data Load

During this post we will discuss a simple but interesting scenario with Virtual Column in Snowflake. Recently as per ask by business we were supposed to load a file into SF. Respective base table related to the file was already created in the Snowflake Database. Source team has placed the […]

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Snowflake ALERTS

During the last post we discussed how to handle the TASK failure and send an alert to respective stakeholders. We leveraged SYSTEM$SEND_EMAIL() function with TASK to notify the users. But in real time it is very much possibility that all  process are not tied to the TASKS. And still there […]

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Data Cloud Deployment Framework: Architecture

As we know Snowflake has introduced latest badge “Data Cloud Deployment Framework” which helps to understand knowledge in designing, deploying, and managing the Snowflake landscape. Data Architecture discussed in course was in great detail and instead of just going only video and earning Badge, we plan to implement Architecture based […]

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Snowflake: Identify NULL Columns in Table

During this post we will discuss about how to find Columns having NULL values in a table. Recently working on SIEBEL migration project ,Client has reported that values are blank or null for most of the columns in Base tables. After the analysis we found the source system has fed […]

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Salesforce to Snowflake : Direct Connector

During this post we will discuss an interesting scenario to integrate Snowflake and salesforce. As per the need we don’t want to get data to be ingested into Salesforce from Snowflake. Salesforce users want to have the access of Snowflake data without moving it. They want the data should be […]

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TASK failure Notification

During this post we will discuss how to handle the TASK failure and send a notification to respective stakeholders. As we know we can implement TASK notification with the help of AWS:SNS notification service. But as per requirement we are not allowed to use any AWS service and if possible […]

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