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Cloudyard is being designed to help the people in exploring the advantages of Snowflake which is gaining momentum as a top cloud data warehousing solution.

Site provides professionals, with comprehensive and timely updated information in an efficient and technical fashion. From basic to Advanced concepts along with the realtime scenario,Weaves the SnowSql, jq parser,Snowflake-Python connector,propositional logic all at one place in order to unveil nuances of realtime flavour and experiences with Snowflake Cloud. Read More

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Snowflake: Extract and Create DDL via Sql Scripting

During this post we will discuss how to extract the DDL of entire user defined tables in particular database. Later on, we will use these DDL to create the same tables in another Database. Very first thing comes to our mind that we can use GET_DDL command to extract the metadata. But […]

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Connect Excel with Snowflake using ODBC

During this post we will discuss connecting Excel with Snowflake using ODBC driver. We can connect the Excel to the snowflake database and execute the query. ODBC Driver will return the data from Database and display in Excel workbook. The benefit of doing this we can leverage the capabilities of […]

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Snowflake: Handle Duplicate Records Dynamically

During last post we talked about to Handle Duplicate Records with No matching Key. Consider the scenario where source team would provide the complete file instead of Delta on daily base. Snowflake Developer team has to process this feed file  in Database. Instead of consuming  the complete file in Snowflake […]

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Snowflake Python REST API

During this post we will discuss how to access data stored in Snowflake via Python REST API. In our Python code will use FLASK API to get Snowflake data. Consider the case where web applications often want to retrieve that data through http APIs. This API consists of reporting endpoints […]

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Materialized View on Shared Data

During this post we will discuss Materialized View on Shared data in consumer account. Consider the scenario where Consumer has to perform some analysis on data. Analysis require aggregation on this shared data that take a long time to calculate. However, Consumer does not own this data and has asked […]

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Snowflake python: SnowflakeNoConverterToPython

During this post we will discuss about the one argument use inside the Snowflake Python Connector. Recently while looking for performance topic I have come across the SnowflakeNoConverterToPython argument. However, As per the documentation this argument is handy to improve Performance by Bypassing Data Conversion.  Inside Snowflake python connector, there […]

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