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Cloudyard is being designed to help the people in exploring the advantages of Snowflake which is gaining momentum as a top cloud data warehousing solution.

Site provides professionals, with comprehensive and timely updated information in an efficient and technical fashion. From basic to Advanced concepts along with the realtime scenario,Weaves the SnowSql, jq parser,Snowflake-Python connector,propositional logic all at one place in order to unveil nuances of realtime flavour and experiences with Snowflake Cloud. Read More

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Cloning:Schema Object Privileges

During this post we will discuss how Schema object PRIVILEGES behaves during Cloning the Database and Schema. Consider the Scenario when entire source Database needs to be CLONE at target end. In addition to it we want all the GRANTS applied to Source DB should be readily available in CLONED […]

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Snowflake: Provisioning in AAD to synch Users

During last post we discussed how to configure the Snowflake SSO Login with Azure Active Directory We created User  ‘Darsh’ in Azure Active directory and assigned the required permission. To enable the SSO login at snowflake side we also created user manually in below way: CREATE USER “DMITTAL” PASSWORD = […]

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Snowflake SSO Login with Azure Active Directory

SSO Login with Azure Active Directory: During this post we will discuss configure SSO (single sign-on) to connect with Snowflake via Azure Active Directory. With SSO enabled, your users authenticate through an external, SAML 2.0-compliant identity provider (IdP). Once authenticated by this IdP, users can securely initiate one or more […]

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Account_Usage: Metadata Tables Backup

During this post we will discuss about Account Usage Schema that contains metadata about every object in your Snowflake account. ACCOUNT_USAGE, Views that display object metadata and usage metrics for your account. These views retain data history for 1 year and post 1 year we can’t retrieve any older data for […]

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Snowflake: Datapipeline with Glue and Snowpipe

During this post we will discuss about below end-to-end pipeline. As we can see in above Datapipeline, we have used several AWS and Snowflake components at one place. AWS Glue is a Serverless Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) service combines the speed and power of Apache Spark. Moreover,we have Used […]

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Snowflake: Query Acceleration Service

During this post we will discuss one of the important Snowflake Capability i.e. Query Acceleration Service a.k.a. (QAS). When statement is submitted to a warehouse, Snowflake allocates resources for executing the statement. If there aren’t enough resources available, the statement is queued or additional warehouses are started, depending on the […]

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