Cloudyard is being designed to help the people in exploring the advantages of Snowflake which is gaining momentum as a top cloud data warehousing solution.
Site provides professionals, with comprehensive and timely updated information in an efficient and technical fashion. From basic to Advanced concepts along with the realtime scenario,Weaves the SnowSql, jq parser,Snowflake-Python connector,propositional logic all at one place in order to unveil nuances of realtime flavour and experiences with Snowflake Cloud

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The Data Warehouse badge is the first badge in Snowflake’s Hands On Essentials Series. Users has to score 90% or better on submitted project work. Topics covered: User Roles, Navigation, Creating Database Objects, Virtual Warehouse creation and configuration, loading and querying CSV and JSON data

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The Data Sharing badge is the second badge in Snowflake’s Hands On Essentials Series. Users demonstrated an ability to use Snowflake’s three data sharing technologies, including: Direct Sharing, the Snowflake Data Marketplace, and Snowflake’s Private Data Exchanges. Learners design and develop an original and unique outbound share, a Provider Profile, a Standard Listing and a Personalized Listing.

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The Data Applications badge is the third badge in Snowflake’s Hands On Essentials Series. Users earning this credential have demonstrated an ability to use Python to read from and write to their Snowflake database tables. Also build an IOT data pipeline using a Snowflake Snowpipe and the AVRO data format. The pipeline makes use of SoftwareAG’s Cumulocity and solutions, as well as Google’s Pub/Sub, Dataflow, and Storage.

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SnowPro Core Certified individuals have demonstrated the knowledge necessary to apply specific core expertise in the marketplace with customers implementing and migrating to Snowflake. A SnowPro Core Certified individual has a thorough understanding of Snowflake as a cloud data warehouse and has the knowledge necessary to design, develop and manage secure, scalable Snowflake solutions to drive business objectives.

A certified SnowPro Advanced: Architect has demonstrated specific knowledge and skills related to the design, development and implementation of Snowflake solutions by successfully passing the certification exam. The individual has demonstrated the application of Snowflake best practices, advanced tuning and real-world deployment scenarios

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