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In continuation of previous post, here we will talk about the Data Storage and Cloud Services usage.

Data storage is calculated monthly basis including:

  • Files stored in Snowflake locations (i.e. user and table stages or internal named stages) for bulk data loading/unloading. The user who stages a file can choose whether or not to compress the file to reduce storage.
  • Similarly, Data stored in database tables, including historical data maintained for Time Travel. Snowflake automatically compresses all data stored in tables and uses the compressed file size to calculate the total storage used for an account.
  • Finally, Historical data maintained for Fail-safe.

However,the monthly costs for storing data in Snowflake is based on a flat rate per terabyte (TB) at $23

For instance, in our case we’ll say 1TB is enough storage, so cost of storage include:

1 TB x $23 x 12 months = $276 per year


Cloud Service Credit Usage:

  • cloud service credit computes on daily basis ,cloud-services is charged only if the daily consumption of cloud services exceeds 10% of the daily  virtual warehouse credit usage

So for instance, if the compute from the operational clusters = 100 credits and cloud services compute = 15, then the final compute of cloud services for that day = 15 – (10% of 100) = 5.

use schema snowflake.account_usage;

select query_type, sum(credits_used_cloud_services) cs_credits, count(1) num_queries
from query_history
where true
and start_time >= timestampadd(day, -10, current_timestamp)
group by 1
order by 2 desc
limit 10;

Cloud Service

That’s Sums up about the Data Storage and Cloud Services usage.

Snowflake Purchase Plans:


The easiest and most flexible way to purchase the Snowflake Service is On Demand. Similar to Amazon AWS, customers has to pay the fix rate for the services that are consume and bill in arrears every month. There is a $25 minimum for every month, and for data storage, the rates are typically set to $40 per TB.

Pre-Purchased Capacity

capacity purchase is a specific dollar commitment to Snowflake. a customer can purchase a set amount or capacity of Snowflake resources in advance.

A popular way of going about the pricing strategy, especially when you are new and unsure about this, is to first opt for the On-Demand, and then switch to Pre-Purchased. Once the On-Demand cycle starts, monitor the resource usage for a month or two, and once you have a good idea for your monthly data warehousing requirements, switch to a pre-purchased plan to optimize the recurring monthly charges.


Storage Strategy

To understand the Pricing about Warehouse, Please Click here.

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